Abdulla KM

Mr. Abdulla is the chief technical officer Agenter Solutions Pvt Ltd, he is a Software engineer with 13 plus year of experience in Artificial intelligence

Technical skills include

Siyad’s technical background is mostly in C#, ASP.Net and VB. She’s done quite a bit of SQL and has been in cross-functional teams where they’ve done metric-driven development and UX-driven development. She’s also done work using HTML, CSS and JS.

Relevant experience

For a couple of years, Grace was a Google student ambassador – a Google representative on campus. She’s also spent a lot of time speaking about one of her passions, women in tech after co-founding a women in tech group in 2014. More recently, Grace has become a keen advocate for the Xero APIs.

Interesting projects

Grace is a founder of the GirlBoss Awards in New Zealand, helping to plan and run an awards programme for young women. She finds it immensely fulfilling to see how they women have flourished since winning an award. At Trade Me, Grace helped build a tool called a Price Guide where you could enter the registration plate or make, model and year of a car and it would give you an estimated lower, middle and upper price based on similar listings