Business Insight at your first sight

Agenter business dash board is designed to provide complete insight about the each and every aspects of your business at first look.

Why choose AgenterBooks?

Graphical presentation of all the reports

All the reports are presented in graphical at manner at the dash board. No more worries about figures, just look at the graphical presentation and read your business.

Account watch list

Status of the accounts which always require attention can be brought into the dash board for easy monitoring. Just make a watch list of your preferred ledger accounts and always keep an eye on it.

Easy cash flow management

Get relieved from cash management pressure, you will get insight about your cash flow requirement from the dash board itself.

Generate reports using drag and drop

Create online report using a drag and drop interface. Agenterbooks is an easy-to-use online reporting tool to design, make and view online reports. Generate pixel-perfect reports by using various charts like column, bar, line, pie, area, doughnut, funnel, multi-series, stacked charts etc. Build online reports without coding

Realtime online reporting tool

Generate web-based reports to view the latest data in real time. No need to upload or synk information regularly. Reports upgrade automatically to show the latest data. Export reports in various formats like pdf, image etc. Securely share reports with others.

Supports local, remote and cloud databases

You can create reports local, remote or cloud data. Make, view amd generate reports from your web browser without uploading/syncing information. More data sources to be added soon.

Works on PC, Mac, Tablets

You can acces reports online on all major web browsers. AgenterBook is a cross platform report generator

Get started quickly

AgenterBooks is an easy to utilise online reporting solution. You can signup and immediately start generating an online report for your information. No lengthy induction or reading boring documentation.

Secure to use

Not require to enable remote access or open ports. For intranet or private network, AgenterBooks ensures the information does not leave your network. AgenterBooks sit on your laptops and connects to your databases with read only access. Give, make or view permissions to your teammates.

Create Online Reports in minutes